Posted by: jinoe | May 14, 2007

Small Talks – 2

A:  Hey, you are invited to my wedding.  Will you be available?
B:  I will come to your wedding if I will have an important role.  Either I’ll be the one who will finish off all the food, or I will be the bride.


From one of the sermons, the speaker said that he has an M.D. Ph.D. after his name.  That’s means, “Mukhang Doctor, Pero Hindi Doctor.”


From a friend:
A:  “Have you seen the movie Fantastic Four?”
B:  “Not yet.  I haven’t seen Fantastic One, Fantastic Two and Fantastic Three, either.”



  1. You’re back! and with a new header hehehe missed reading your posts =)

  2. I’ve been looking forward to get a picture of a real inasal and make it as a header. I got that pic last april at home. after a while, I feel like reverting back to the previous header. Whenever I see the pic, my stomach grumbles. Torture!!!

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