Posted by: jinoe | April 29, 2007

Ambigram – AMICUS

Here’s an ambigram of Amicus.  AMiCUS stands for Adventist Ministry to College and University Students.  It’s an organization for Adventist students who are studying in non-Adventists Schools.  I was not part of this organization during my college years but I know friends who have an Amicus in thier schools.

Here are two ambigrams for Amicus.

Amicus Ambigram

Amicus Ambigram 2


For ambigram requests, commissions and inquires, click here and fill up the form with your request and contact details.

To view my other ambigrams, click here.



  1. nice talent you got here.

    by the way, which field of engineering are you in?

  2. Hi shane. Im an ECE Grad.

  3. Nice man! I’m now the President of Central Visayas Conference of AMiCUS.. And im really amazed of this Ambigram.. God bless you more!

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