Posted by: jinoe | April 18, 2007

Ambigram – Thank You

Here’s an ambigram for the words Thank You.  It’s my entry to the Nagfa Ambigram Challange.  Nagfa is another ambigram artist from Singapore.  He regularly cooks up some challenging ambigrams for artists all over the world to take on.  It’s interesting to view the designs of other artists.  I can’t wait until April’s Challenge is posted on his blog.

For this ambigram, the n-to-k inversion was really hard.  I did some searching for new fonts styles until I came up with this design.  I think I can still improve on the h-to-o inversion.  But nah, i have other things to do.  😀

Thank You Ambigram

For ambigram requests, commissions and inquires, click here and fill up the form with your request and contact details.

To view my other ambigrams, click here.



  1. WOW Sosyal!!!

  2. pwde pki gawa po ng ambigram ang food technology???

  3. royce reimian po pgawa 🙂

  4. […] This says Thank you and comes from this site. […]

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