Posted by: jinoe | April 17, 2007

My Road to Riches – My Biggest Liability

I always talk about saving money and making the most out of my money.  So you might think I damn rich.  DAMN WRONG.  I’m still broke.  Why?  Where did all my money go?

This is where my money go.  Well, most of it anyway.

Codename:  Tatam, Teegee
Relationship:  Sister
Occupation:  Med Student

My biggest reason for working and saving.  Although I am not taking all the expenses for her schooling, it does have a big impact in my expenses, especially during enrolment.  But this is one expense I am happy to cover. 

And after 5 years of working and saving, my sister is finally graduating on her medical studies next week.  She’s having an M.D. after her name.  Nice.  But it doesnt end here.  There is still her internship where she’d be staying with me in Manila and her board exams to give her license to use that M.D. anytime.  I need a bigger coin bank for these.

Congratulations Sis, Doc, MD.  You’re a step closer to your dreams.  And I’m a step closer to settling down.  Hehehe.



  1. Awww, that’s a sweet thing to do. Good luck to your sis, Jin. I’m sure all your sacrifices will soon be rewarded. =)

  2. Jin, I think Tatam would fall more into the investment rather than liability category, no? 🙂 You are such a good brother.

  3. If you put it that way maxie, not only is he a good brother, he’s also a good banker LoL just kidding jin =)

  4. Hehehe. I agree. In the long run, this will be rewarding. But if she starts “bimoko nun, bimoko nyan”, my head starts spinning.

  5. sya naman bahala sa mga kids mo. hehehehe…

  6. Hands down! Astig ka…

    This a very sweet fruit of labor, worth sweating for… ü

  7. I hope she specializes in pediatrics. God knows we need more good pedias around here. Good luck tam! And jin, daku guid na ya reward mo kay Lord. hehehe

  8. Pedia? That will be nice. But who knows. She might want to become a nurse afterall. Hehehe…

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