Posted by: jinoe | April 12, 2007

Job Hunting Blues – Dress to Impress

I find job hunting fun. I would even advise people to do some regular job hunting to practice having interviews, taking exams, and making resumes. Even if they have no plans to move to another job, just try. You’d learn a lot. And who knows, there might be a great opportunity just waiting for you to discover.

As I read books on job hunting, I can’t escape the topic on dressing up during the interview. Dress to impress. Dress for success. Dress to kill. First impressions last. I always keep this in mind. Neatly pressed dress and pants. Plain colored long sleeves. Shining black shoes. A necktie. And a mild perfume.

But dressing up can be a hassle. I hate wearing long sleeves for an interview. I would argue that it is ok to come to an interview with short sleeves. In this country, the weather is too hot to wear long sleeves. I got sick once because of this. The interview was right after lunch. I wore my best long sleeves and travelled more than an hour by a jeepney to the place. Then I have to walk for a few meters under the hot sun. When I arrived, I was already perspiring. The interview room was air-conditioned and I was no longer feeling well. That same night, I got a fever and cough. I hope someone will change the rules.

When I apply for a job, I apply to almost everything that fits my qualifications. So there were instances when I get to have several interview requests in a week. Aside from having a hard time making an alibi to be absent at work, I have a hard time thinking what to wear on my next interview. I only have a few shirts to rotate. There will be times that after an interview, I have to wash and dry them for another interview the next day. I also keep a log on what I wore for this particular interview so that I wont make a mistake in wearing them on a follow up interview with the same company.

And there are the minor things I easily forget. I once forgot to shave. I have to find the nearest convenience store to buy a shaver and rush to the nearest comfort room. I would forget to close my zipper after tucking in my shirt. My shoes were not well-polished and I have to rub it at the back of my pants. I would forget my hangkerchief and drop by some fastfood stores to get tissues.

I do have unconventional ways to avoid tragedies when looking for a job. I guess it goes with experience.



  1. Jin, I once had a job interview where my foot fell asleep. When I stood up to shake the interviewer’s hand, nag piang-piang ako ya. It happened three times as I was saying my Thank Yous and Goodbyes. Te, daw abnoy nga naka high-heels, eh. hahaha! But guess what, they offered me the job anyway.

  2. Jin, if you call several interviews in a week as bluesy then im black and violet all over for not getting a single call back. What’s the secret? LoL Maxie, if I do get an interview, I would mos def do the maxiewalk, I think it makes a lasting impression hehehe

  3. Psst – “advice” should be “advise” in your opener!

    Also, very good post here with a lot of helpful tips. What you write is all too true – what you wear to an interview has a HUGE influence on the outcome! Whether you put on khakis or jeans could make the difference between getting hired or lost in the application papers…

    Good points, hope to see more from you soon!


    Correction accepted. Thanks for dropping by. :d F

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