Posted by: jinoe | April 11, 2007

Sleepless in a bus

Travelling from Manila to Cavite is a long and boring ride.  I travel to work everyday and it takes more than an hour on our shuttle service.  I take this opportunity to take a nap inside the bus.  But today, I missed the shuttle and I have to commute in a public bus.  That will be twice the travel time.  Yet, my desire to sleep was not granted.  Almost every minute. there will be something that will wake me up.

1.  Passengers.  They’d sit beside you waking you up since the seat is not big enough to be shared by two.

2.  Music.  The people in front and at the back love to sing to the tune playing on the radio.  The radio was already load, and their voices even louder.

3.  Vendors.  They’d come up the bus and shout their goods to get the attention of potential buyers.  They did caught my attention.

4.  Help wanted.  Some kids would come up the bus and wake you up to give you a slip of paper telling you that they are selling some overpriced dried mangoes to support their studies.

5.  Praises.  Someone came up in front and started talking about the Bible.  Then, he’d go around for offerings and hand over an envelope to me.

6.  Forgetful conductor.  He woke me up twice to ask if I already paid.  He’ll really get paid for it if ever he asked me the third time.

7.  The other vehicles.  It’s either a big bus blowing his loud horn or a loudspeaker boosting the campaign jingle.  Noise pollution everywhere.

When will they have cheap taxis to Cavite?



  1. LoL cheap taxis to Cavite? Or to anywhere else? It has to start with cheap gasoline. Move here in Qatar where a litre of gasoline is only QR 0.80 or roughly Php11. But then you’ll have to deal with a load of crap which makes irritating busses or expensive taxi rides seem not bad after all =)

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