Posted by: jinoe | April 2, 2007

Happy about taxes

April is tax filing time.  It means, I’m going to do my share as a responsible citizen of this country.  Everytime I pull out some cash for something that is not for me, I am not happy.  This month, I’ll be paying my dues to the government.  I could start ranting about the corrupt system, the taxes that probably goes to their pocket, and the amount of cash that I give without knowing where it will really go.

But the sermon last Saturday mentioned something about taxes while looking at it from another perspective.  It’s something to be happy about.  Paying taxes means that I have a job.  I am earning something significant.  I am blessed.

So there you go.  I just paid my Community Tax Certificate in full.  Nothing undeclared.  And this week, I’ll be filing my Income Tax Return.  It’s something to be thankful for.


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