Posted by: jinoe | April 1, 2007

Ambigram – Val-Erisa

Here’s another ambigram for my college friends who are getting married this coming November.  I’m quite happy with how the ambigram turned out.  I had a hard time doing the draft on paper especially for the E-to-R inversion.  The fonts I used had some good options and I was able to come up with a good one.  But I had a few options on how to arrange the names.  I decided to just put both of their names in one line.

Val and Erisa has been together for almost 10 years.  These are strong couples who were able to sustain their relationship even though they are many miles apart after college.  Val is working in Cebu while Erisa is working in Manila.  They were able to work it out and finally announced that they will get married this year.

A toast to the both of you.

Ambigram Val - Erisa

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  1. Nice jin!

    Teh, ang kay sa ihado Orrin mo ya, san-o mo obrahon? Wala ka ba bala kapadala birthday gift AND Christmas gift ha! hehehe.

    Congrats Val and Erisa! Welcome to marraigehood… 🙂

  2. hey can i have a request?. can you make an ambigram of “DIANNE”? thank you… and goodluck…

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