Posted by: jinoe | March 30, 2007

Waiting for Nothing

What a mistake.  I brushed off good offers hoping that I will have a better stake with my current job.  All my what-if arguments were wrong.  Projections were way above the reality.  And I don’t think it is polite to knock on their doors again begging them to send me back the offer sheets.

Oh well,  lessons learned.  You can’t let your career be handled by your boss or anybody else.  You have to make a plan and pursue it.  Otherwise, it will be all left to empty promises and make-believe scenarios.

But, I will make one of their scenarios right.  This year will be my year to shine.  Except that they will not be the one who will see my light.  Back to the drawing board.  Plan B.



  1. I wish you all the best hoping you will find good job and everything come well.

  2. Ah Jin, sorry to hear that. Just remember that we’re working to live not living to work. Good luck gid. XOXO.

  3. Mistakes are good =) And it’s nice that you have a Plan B. I’m on my Plan K, and before you say I might as well jump off a plank, I still say life is sweet =) hehehe lotsaluck Jinoe. Like they say, it’s a rat race out there, and even if we’re ahead of the race, we’re still rats. =) whatever that means LoL

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