Posted by: jinoe | March 27, 2007

Vote for Jimmy

It’s final and all is set.  Papa will be joining the political arena.  He is running for municipal councilor at Pontevedra, Negros Occidental.

Quite surpising to enter politics past his golden years.  But im not that surprised.  I know papa has a knack for public service.  At several points in his life, I saw him volunteer and serve the people.  Now he is seeking for a public office.  I also have the inclination for public service.  I’ve run for positions at school and other organizations.  But Im not sure if someday I’ll also be running for a government position.  I guess it does run in the blood.

Papa has been invited to run for positions at the baranggay level before.  I heard that our family held the baranggay captain position for several years.  But he declined and decided to have a rather simple life.  But after retiring from his job, he got himself busy as a rescue volunteer.  He conducts trainings on public safety.  He is on call 24/7 for road assistance and other emegencies.  He is in the forefront of rescue operations during typhoons and floods.  He got more exposed in town during the oil spill, assisting the local govenment in the efforts to educated the people and advert the effects of the spill.  As the election period draws near, he was invited to enter politics.  After much thought and advice from family and friends, he gave a go signal to run for office.

Okay, so I sound like endorsing him.  Well, yes, I am endorsing him and I hope for the best.  Win or lose, I’m with my father all the way.

Vote for my father because he has a strong track record of true public service.

Vote for my father because he has a lovely first lady who can cook really well but dont expect her to cook for all the voters.

Vote for my father because he has a tall, dark and well… that’s good enough… son.  Ehem.

Iboto si Jimmy Gavan para sa pagka-Konsehal sang Municipalidad sang Pontevedra.

But please papa, dont commission a campaign jingle to the tune of “Boom Tarat-tara”.



  1. God Bless to your papa! Hope and Pray manalo sya. May pusong pangmasa. =) nakakabilib…

  2. Vote for your dad indeed! I would if I could jinoe, and I did vote for you in high school =)

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