Posted by: jinoe | March 26, 2007

Sweet Politics

Tessie Oreta had a new advertisment released last week telling the people she was sorry for the “dancing” she did in the Senate during the Estrada trail last January 2001.  Its amazing how people can still remember that episode clearly.

“Malaking pagkakamali yung ginawa kong iyon.  Gusto kong humingi ng patawad.”  She said these with matching teary effect and showbiz sincerity.  But I find her acting poor and terrible.  I was never moved by her national and public apology.

I was one who was enraged with her conduct during that trial.  As if it was a child’s game that they won the impeachment case.  I wont forget it.  I am taking it against her.  I am not voting for her.

Will her apology this improve her ratings?  From the people I have asked around, not one was happy about it. 


Politicians are getting celebrities to endorse them in the coming elections.  Sharon endorsing her husband Kiko Pangilinan.  Kris endorsing her brother Noynoy Aquino.  Surely its a big boost to thier popularity.  But the news captured it right.  Whenever they go to campaign in the public, the people are rushing to them.  Not because they want to see the candidates but they want to see if the endorsers are with them.  Only in the Philippines?


The best news last night.  A husband and wife rift due to politics.  The husband used to be the mayor and had serve for three terms already.  Since he could no longer run for another term, his wife took his place and won.  She served for two terms.  Later the husband wanted to get back to politics but the wife wont give up the mayor’s seat.  This caused tension in thier marraige and decide to separate.  Now, both the ex-husband and the ex-wife are rivals for the highest municipal seat in the coming elections.  The news told that the ex-wife survived an ambush attack lately.  The ex-wife is accusing the ex-husband as the mastermind of the incident.

Cool news.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith wannabees.



  1. sad realities of philippine politics — everything is a circus! napaka-artificial at showbiz na showbiz ang dating! 😦 😦 😦 we still got a long way to go for our political society to mature…

  2. It’s so frustrating. But at least we don’t have to worry about famine or genocide. Wait, maybe that isn’t a bad thing. Let’s go wipe out some politistas. =)

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