Posted by: jinoe | March 24, 2007

A Long Vacation to be Spoiled

Guess what?  Our company will be having a shutdown for the Holy Week.  Typically this lasts for 3-5 days.  We close the factory to observe the lenten season.  No operations.  No work.  This April we have a 7 day shutdown.  One week of rest and recreation.

Supposed to be this will be a time to rest, go on vacation, visit new places.  I bet my co-workers have such plans.  But for me, I have terrible plans.

At first I imagined myself back in Bacolod and learning to drive.  Or finish at least 2 untouched books in my bookshelf.  Complete the colored pencil drawing I started 4 weeks ago.  Practice run for 12K at CCP.  Catch up with my sleep.  Draw the ambigrams I have drafted.

But I have backlogs at school.  My thesis has been sleeping for more than a month already.  These need more catching up.  There’s too much reading and writing needed that the seven days might not be enough.  I want to get past this stage.  I am going to finish my thesis this year.  I already missed my target for the thesis proposal.  I can’t afford to miss it again next semester.

Let’s get it on.


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