Posted by: jinoe | March 20, 2007

Call Center Stress

Last week, there was a news of a man dying while in duty in a call center.  I think this is the second time I have heard such news.  I was amused why this is included in the news when work related deaths can happen very often in any industry.

Doctors believe that the death is stress related.  Since the man has already hypertension problems, the stress in the call center could have triggered it big time causing his death.  The news is now a bit sensationalized.  Health sectors and government officials are giving recommendations and are asking for investigations.

They believe this is caused by stress due to irregular schedules.  Come on.  There is stress everywhere.  All work as its equal amount of stress.  I even think that a call center has less stress compared to my work.  Their work ends after their shift.  In my case, I work even at home until midnight  to make reports, analyse data and resolve issue.  The news seems to imply that a call center has a stressful work environment compared to other industries.

Irregular schedules?  So what.  They say that being assigned in the evening and early morning is not the usual and can stress the individual.  Ourcompany has a rotating work shift where employees rotate from day shift to night shift every two weeks.  Don’t you think this is even more unusual and harder for individuals to adjust?

I just don’t agree with the implication that a call center has a stressful environment and it is being singled out in the news.  All work is stressful and has its own share of hazards to it’s employees.  I agree with the recommendation for call centers to have regular blood pressure check ups, doctors on duty and exercise on shifts.

I also think they need to check the lifestyles of their employees and recommend a healthy lifestyle.  Whenever the jeepney pass along the buildings of call centers, I see a lot of agents smoking outside.  I know of friends who dont go home to rest after an 8-hour work but proceeds to gimiks.  Health related issues should also be the employee’s concern.

Now I hope, I don’t hear another news like this especially with my name on it.



  1. I heartily agree. Call centers should not be singled out in issues like these.

  2. Like they could stop operations of call centers right then and there. kungsabagay, gasaka man guid ang blood pressure kun gapulaw, pero kung gapanigarilyo pa guid, ah ti tapat eh, balatian ya ya sa panigarilyo indi sa pulaw… 🙂

  3. I have two ways to relieve work-related stress.

    1.) Create Death To The Hag (obviously, my boss) scenarios while going on a walk with a like-minded cynic – usually the Red Shark Devil.
    2.) Imagine it’s the Hag’s face I’m pounding while playing volleyball.

    If that doesn’t work, do these two things after a couple shots of vodka. he he.

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