Posted by: jinoe | March 15, 2007

A Picture Frame that Paints A Thousand Words

Having a digital camera has one disadvantage.  The only way to view your pictures is by using a computer or using the small LCD screen of your camera.  If there are pictures you really like, you compile them into a screensaver and cycle those pictures into your monitor screen to it show it off to everyone.  Or you can have them printed into a photopaper.  I would print my photos in bulk.  Typically more that 200 photos so that the price per piece is cheaper.

Because of this, I dont have a photo album.  I just keep them into a disc and I dont have a chance to view them that often.  When there are friends who want to see pictures, I have to get my CD and turn on the computer.  What a hassle.  I missed the old fashion way of flaunting your pictures in picture frames and photo albums.

Yesterday, I saw the answer to my problem.  a digital picure viewer.  I saw it displayed in one of the shops at Park Square in Makati.  It was beautiful.  It’s modern design fits my taste.  It’s perfect in the living room or in my bedroom.

What was displayed is a digital photoframe by Philips which is also shown here.  It’s 7″ display is big enough to show off those great pictures I took from my camera.  It says that the resolution is just as good a 17″ LCD monitor.  Picture display can be just one image, several images in thumbnail or slide show in full screen.  Supports memory cards and has a USB connection.  It’s like a stand alone computer monitor just for my pictures.  A perfect solution.

The only drawback I see is that it’s battery operated.  I hate batteries and having to charge them all the time.  It can run on AC power but just imagine the electicity it will consume just to view a picture.

This is another item in my wish list.  Though, it’s stunning, I just dont think I can afford this.  It costs almost 15,000Php.  For now, I’d rather print my photos and buy separate frames for them.  There are other brands available.  The cheapest was around 5,000 Php but Im not sure with the specs.


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