Posted by: jinoe | March 14, 2007

A Mother’s Extreme Makeover

What happens when a mother visits your boarding house?  You’re in for surprises everyday.

Quennie’s mother stayed with us for a week.  Since we have just transferred, there are still things to be fixedand arranged.  This is where she found some oppurtunities.  Everyday, as we get back from work, there will be something new in our boarding house.  It’s both good and bad.

Good:  Bought a vinegar for salads, cling wrap for food storage, food cover.
Bad:  I don’t make salads and leftover foods are few or none at all.  Bottomline, the new items are not really needed yet.

Good:  Curtains installed.
Bad:  It had large flower prints all over.

Good:  Table cloth, placemats, plastic cabinets and shelves added.
Bad:  This calls for added maintenance as well.  The colors of some shelves didnt blend with the surroundings, either.

Good:  Unsorted items from the transfer are now fixed and arranged.  Nothing scattered around.
Bad:  I can’t find some of my things anymore.  I work more effectively if things are just lying around.  😀

VERY good:  Bought a 21″ colored TV.
Bad:  Didnt improve the terrible reception.  More reason to have a cable connection which we are trying to avoid.

Quennie herself was a bit furious when she saw the boarding house upgrade.  Sometimes, I have to look twice at the place to convince myself that this was still the boarding house I rented a few weeks ago.

Maybe I just got used to simple and scattered living that I didnt bother to buy new things.  My upgrades takes months or years and undergoes thorough thinking if the upgrade is a necessity of not.

Though I didnt expect and like some of the makeover, I appreciate the gesture.  surely those things will come in handy someday.  But I have to change the curtains this weekend.

Note:  My mother will be coming over the boarding house this October.  There’s a part 2 to this story.



  1. heheh….good luck sa part 2 🙂

  2. really??i cant wait to red the part 2 lol!!!for better for worst lol!!!

  3. hehe bakit allergic kaba sa malalaking flowers?

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