Posted by: jinoe | March 11, 2007

I’m the King of the Road

Adidas “King of the Road” 2007I had just completed the Adidas “King of the Road” Fun Run 2007.  I was with my officemates who also got addicted with running.  Three of them finally had the guts to take the 10K challenge.  Through we started at The Fort in Taguig, we followed a different route that posed a new challenge to the runners.

Instead of the usual route that extend up to C5 Road, we were running through Kalayaan Overpass, into Buendia and turn in front of The Columns in Ayala Ave then back to The Fort.  The idea of running up the overpass scares me since I hate running uphill.  It doubles the effort and tires me easily.  But I fought that thought and determined to take the course with little stops in between.

We started at exactly 6am.  So far, this was the run where I saw the most 10K participants.  As I ran towards the overpass, I saw all the runners in front of me occupying almost every inch of the road.  A few minutes later, the overpass was completely occupied that you would have a hard time finding a space where you can overtake the runner in front.

My climb to the overpass was easy at first.  At my comfortable pace, I moved slowly upwards making sure I don’t tire myself early.  As we moved down the overpass towards Buendia, I increased my speed taking advantage of the path downhill.  I stopped for a while to drink a cup of water that was provided and quickly run to catch up with the pack.  I was moving faster this time until the 4km mark where I started to feel some pain on my left knee.  Then I moved slower.  The others whom I overtook before were now in front of me and started to gain some lead.  I wasn’t able to catch up.  Finally, we were at turnaround point and started heading back to finish line.

I stopped again at the 6km mark for water.  This time, I decided to take a short walk to rest my legs.  I needed rest to prepare for a harder climb up the overpass again.  I felt that I failed since I wanted to complete the run without any stops.  So to feel less frustrated, I shortened my walk to 1 minute compared to my usual 2 minute stops on my previous runs.  After a minute had passed, I get up to speed.

The overpass was right in front of me.  Having running for more than forty minutes already with an aching knee, I doubted if I can get pass this stage without stopping and walking.  As I run to the overpass, I saw the other participants running very slow or already walking.  I resisted the urge to walk.  I wanted to complete this part without stopping again.  Just need to take it easy and slowly.  I reached the peak of the overpass very happy since I know that the rest will be a breeze.

The final turn was already in sight.  I looked at my watch and I was surprise that I haven’t reached the 50 minute mark yet.  I said to myself that I have the chance to break my personal record.  I started running faster and the strides bigger.  I wanted to complete it in less that 54 minutes.  With that goal in mind, I forgot the pain on my knee and moved fast to complete the course at 53 minutes and 30 seconds.  This is my best finish for a 10K, so far.

Adidas “King of the Road” 2007The best part is getting the freebies at the finish line.  All finishers got an Adidas sling bag.  We also had the Adidas jersey which originally costs around 700 pesos.  For a 250 peso registration fee, we got nice stuff to bring home.  Adidas sponsored runs really had a reputation for great freebies.  I’m sure to join their next run.

Here’s one blooper from my officemate.  He signed up for the 3K run but he arrived late at the venue and saw the other runners already ahead of him.  He run behind the others and followed their course.  Later, he realized that he was running the wrong race.  He was following the 10K participants.  It was too late for him to go back and decided to do the 10K run instead.  It was his first time to run 10K.  He arrived at the finish line both feeling stupid for following the wrong route and feeling proud for completing it after all.

Thanks to Bong Tan for the pics.  For more pics, visit his Flickr site.



  1. tsip.

    saan puedeng magpa-register for the adidas marathon this sept 7 2008. i cant find hteir on-line website. nasa labas ako ng bansa kasi kaya on-line lang ako puedeng magparehistro sa takbo.

    thansk for your help.


    Hi vlad,

    So far I dont have any news on the adidas marathon on Sept 7. Yung alam ko lang is the Subic Marathon but I have seen the registration for and there was only 5K and 10K events. I’ll send you an email if I get more info on this. You can also visit for updates on the race events.

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