Posted by: jinoe | March 11, 2007

A 1 Million Gift from God

If God gives you 1 Million Pesos, what will you do with it?

No.  God didn’t give me that money.  But someone I know just got that blessing.  They have been praying for it, they say.  I’m not sure what the exact prayer was.  Were they praying for financial security?  Were they praying for wealth?  Were they praying for a car?  But God’s answer was allowing them to close a deal that was worth a million pesos.  And they believe that it was from God.

So what are they planning to do with the money?

I was quite surprised that after they have given it much thought, they decided to buy a brand new, latest model of Mitsubishi Strada.  I said, wow.

I know for the fact that this is their dream car.  It is also my dream car.  We have similar tastes I guess.  And here is the chance for them to own their dream car with little worries on payments.  The timing has never been this good.  Thus, they believe that the money was given for them to have their dream car.  After years for faithfulness, hardwork and prayers, God rewarded them.

Is this what God really wanted them to do with their money?  To buy such an expensive and  luxurious vehicle?  I disagree.  I believe that there could be better ways to use such gifts.  And I just cant sleep thinking that the money will be used right away for something that can easily be taken back.  I gave some options like place it in a bank or invest in a another business.

We ended up the talk with their decision to buy that car.  Though bothered and unconvinced, I am happy for them and gave them my blessings.

If I receive the same amount of blessing, buying a brand new car will be the last thing on my list.



  1. Uhm Jinoe, can you please ask them if they gave the spare tire to charity? LoL

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