Posted by: jinoe | March 7, 2007

My Road to Riches – Giving Gifts

I am scared with birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas.  This means spending.  Of course, the essence of these occasions is to show that you care and show how thoughtful you are.  I’m caring and thoughtful so I give gifts.

Looking for gifts is also fun.  I bring a checklist and gift ideas.  Get around the stores and shopping centers to get the best deals.  And I stick to my budget.  But it’s hard to stick to a budget if you are giving a gift to more than 20 love ones.  Here’s how become caring and thoughtful without the pain in my pocket.

1.  Shop at Divisoria.  This place is a haven.  Great selection.  Great prices.  A thousand pesos can really go a long way.  The disadvantage:  it can be crowded and a haven for thieves as well.  So as much as possible, I shop early.  I once shopped as early as September for Christmas gifts.  And I go to Divisoria wearing simple clothes.  So simple it makes other people look at me suspiciously like I’m a thief.

2.   Recycle gifts.  I receive gifts that sometimes I dont like or it doesnt fit my personality.  Rather than keep them, I wrap them for someone else.  I just make sure that those gifts I plan to recycle dont end up to the original giver.  It may be literally thrown back at me.

3.  Recycle freebies.  Remember the freebies I get from credit cards?  Well, I also wrap them as gifts to others.  Believe me, they like it.  And I make sure it goes to someone who would appreciate them also.  Other freebies I have given are pencil cases, notebooks, ballpens, mugs, folders, pillows, umbrellas, pouch, wallets, toys and water bottles.  Where I get these freebies?  Credit cards, cereals, noodle packs, canned goods, office giveaways, office tokens, restaurants and fast foods, airlines.  The supplies are endless.

4.  Recycle gift wrappers.  Sometimes the wrapper can be more expensive than the gift.  So I buy cheap wrappers, or recycle.  Some boxes are neat and can be reused.  I get the recycled box, place the recycled gift and tie a recycled ribbon around to make it presentable.

5.  Personal creations.  Absolutely costless.  But the effort and time I give to create my masterpieces makes them priceless.  I have made ambigrams and calendars that I painted as gifts.  I hope to start making pencil portraits, drawings and watercolors again.

Like they say, it’s not the price.  It’s the thought that counts.



  1. Even I am scared with birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas that means spending but I love to take gifts. BTW nice blog. Cheers 🙂 Happy Blogging 🙂

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