Posted by: jinoe | March 1, 2007

Start your first 5K or 10K Fun run!!!

“The miracle isn’t that I have finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” — John Bingham

Running for 5 or 10 kilometers can sound very ambitious or impossible. When I tell others that I join 10K fun run, they think its a superhuman ability. I also thought that running for 10K is a hard task. Running at 10K is a goal I have dreamed since high school. Now that I started running, it has become a habit.

Here’s how you can start your 5K or 10K Fun Run.

1. You have to say you can do it. 5K is not impossible. On the average, runners can finish a 5K run within 30-40 mins. That’s even on a slow pace and with occassional walking or rest. There’s no rush. Others finish 5K for more than 50 mins. If you run a bit faster, you can reach below 30 mins. If you can go walking around the mall for more than 1 hour, I bet that you can finish a 5K event.

Here’s a race result of a previous New Balance Power Race at The Fort. You might want to checkout the finish time. I finished the 5K event after 39.25 minutes. 403rd Placer out of 485 5K runners. That’s slow but I had fun running behind some girls in running shorts.

2. Run with a partner. This will really help you get motivated. It makes you confident that if you finish last, at least you are not alone. A partner can even improve your pace. I run faster when I am running with other people. Also, a partner can come in handy when you are running and a dog is chasing you. You just have to outrun your partner and you’re out of danger.

3. If you still think you can’t do it, run shorter distances. There are 3K fun runs where you can participate. However, this can really pull down your self esteem since you will be competing with elementary kids. Hey, pick up someone of your own size.

4. Practice before a scheduled fun run. You can practice on a threadmill or on the road. Run around your subdivision or park. You can use Google Earth to calculate your running path. I practice at CCP Complex every Sunday. One lap is 0.8km. I run 10 laps and hope to increase.

5. Join Fun Runs. There’s a fun run in Manila almost every month. For a fee, you can register and get freebies like a singlet or a piece of bread once you finish the race. For updated schedules on the running events, visit this site.

There are plenty of other websites that can offer you tips on running. From choosing your gear to making a running plan, just search the web for more information.

See you on the road.



  1. Hahaha Ako jin, I was use to walking almost 3 km everyday, to and from work. I said to myself, if I want to walk this long everyday, it’s because I wanted to, not that I’m obliged to. Imagine me all sweat to and from work. Hay… Cge next time kung mapisanan ko basi kaupod ko cnyo… hehehe

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