Posted by: jinoe | February 22, 2007

My Road to Riches – Eat Smart

The world we live in will really tell us that money is everything.  Every step, every move, requires money.  You cant live without it.  I have read several books on financial management like Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Wealth within Your Reach – Pera Mo Palaguin Mo by Francisco Colayco.  I read magazine and articles that provide tips and advice on money.  And I attend a few seminars that talks about money.

One important rule in handling personal finances is to save.  Save as much as you can.  Save early.  Fastfood stores and restaurants are one of my top expenses every month.  So I make it a point to find ways to save and there are a lot of possibilities.  And here are my tips.

1.  When I eat in fast foods, I buy 2-piece meals like 2-piece burger steak, 2-piece chicken.  Then, I will buy an extra rice and ask for a plastic bag.  I will eat the 1st piece and keep the second piece and the extra rice for take out.  If possible, I will refill my drinks also.  The second set will be brought home for my next meal.  This will save me a few bucks already.  A footlong sandwich cut into half will also save you as much.

2.  I dont buy ketchup, sugar, salt and other condiments at the department store.  Why buy when I can get them for free?  Besides, I dont use them often even when cooking.  Fastfoods chains and restaurants are great sources of free and quality condiments.  Need ketchup, hotcake syrup, butter, sugar and creme?  Go to Jollibee or McDonald’s.  I always ask for extra that I can bring home.  Soy sauce?  Chowking.  Hot sauce?  Greenwich, Shakey’s and Pizza Hut.  Nutmeg?  Starbucks.  Chili Powder?  Yellow Cab.  Parmesan Cheese?  Sbarro.  Salt and vinegar?  Any balut vendor.

3.   Drinks are expensive.  Cola, Ice tea, Juice and other beverages can comprise one fourth of your bill.  That amount can be bought for another food on the menu.  Usually, I’d go for water.  It’s cheap and healthy.  Or go bottomless and share.  Yes, share.  Even when they say sharing is not allowed.  I havent been to one food establishment that will really scold you for sharing.  Sharing is a virtue.  And if ever there is a cold-blooded waiter or manager that will really scold you, dont get back on that place again.  It will ruin your cash flow.



  1. Thanks sa tips. I think magagamit ko ‘to lalo na sa panahon ngayon.

    Like you, I usually go for water din kasi garantisadong hindi ako mauuhaw pagkatapos and best of all, libre (well, at least on most places).

  2. Excellent tips! In college, I always do #1. I buy a 2 piece Burger Steak at Jollibee or 2 piece chicken from McDo, get extra rice and extra gravy so you can eat more for a lesser price. Hehe 😀

    For #2, I always get extra ketchup or other condiments and bring them home for emergency purposes for the time when we run out of ketchup, soy sauce or other condiments at home. 🙂

    Btw, got here from Gilbert’s blog. I remember seeing you around the USLS campus. I also saw you several times at AIIAS. 🙂

  3. i have read some of ur tips bout, my road to riches – eat smart well, very impressive that u work hard and eat less???is that the way of ur savings money???i known robert kiyosaki and ive read his book rich dad por dad of what u’d been mention hmmm…and u know david bach???the author of smart woman finish rich???that’s why i have a few coments bout savings hmm.. for me when it comes to food i eat everything i want coz i believe that health is wealth right???and use the word save more and spend less in shopping like buying gadget stuff what’s on latest???
    One thing to let u know we work hard and we deserve to buy food that we want my friend!!!!!! by the way try to read good to great and millionaire course by marc allen,good to riches good luck i like ur column…

  4. @mellow. Agree on the food thing. I do deserve a pig out. And I make sure I do once in a while. And my foodfest is starting to take notice. Gained almost 10kgs since I started working 5 years ago. 😉

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