Posted by: jinoe | February 20, 2007

Will I be lucky?

Last Sunday was a Chinese New Year.  Year of the Pig.  While everyone was taking all the necessary actions to get lucky, I was doing almost the opposite.  Now I dont know what will that mean to me.

Here are two things what others did, what I have done instead and the fearless forecast of what luck I will be expecting this year for my actions.

Wear red for luck.  When I went to the mall, I saw a lot of people wearing red.  I even saw an entire family wearing red.  Too bad, I didnt have my red shirt ready.  We were moving in a new boarding house on the same day (which they say is also bad luck) and all my shirts were in a bag and wrinkled.  The only shirt that was ready was a yellow shirt.  So what will my yellow shirt signify?  We all know that red, when mixed with yellow, turns orange.  That means, that I will be the bearer of bad luck to those who wore red.  Too bad for them.  They’ll never know what hit them.

Don’t eat chicken on New Year.  It’s bad luck.  Huh?  Did the chicken have a fight with the pig last night?  Why will they suggest not to eat chicken?  I woke up early for our scheduled transfer to a boarding house.  We finished past 900 am with a hungry stomach.  So we were looking for a fast food chain that was near and few people on queue in the counter.  We avoided KFC and ended up at Wendy’s.  Wendy’s was serving breakfast meals but none to my liking.  So I ended up eating Spicy Chicken Breast Fillet Burger, Fries and Coke.  Bad move.  Now, my personal forecast:  I will have little food for the year.  I will still be eating but not the foods I love to eat.  This will result to a 15 lbs weigh-loss and 6-inch waist reduction.  Ahhh… yes!  I want this to happen.

Bottomline, this will be a happy year.



  1. I like your justification on wearing yellow instead of red ah 🙂 hmmm… I never thought it was Chinese Newyear last Sunday (my gulay!) when obviously most people in Gateway are wearing red. But what about pink! hehe.
    On chicken, hmmm I first heard that from my dad, it was Dec. 31, bawal ang manok, para di isang kahig… isang tuka. (tsk tsk tsk).

  2. “Now, my personal forecast: I will have little food for the year. I will still be eating but not the foods I love to eat. This will result to a 15 lbs weigh-loss and 6-inch waist reduction. Ahhh… yes! I want this to happen.”
    ——-if this is the case, then i regret i did not eat the thing that i dislike to help me lose 15 lbs and trim my waistline by 6 inches. i envy you :).
    ——-on the positive side, u ate chicken breast fillet, and that is meat meaning you may have meat or gain meat :), i ate chicket feet (adidas) in dimsum, hopefully that will mean i will be as skinny as bones? if that is the case, i look forward to being a size zero :).

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