Posted by: jinoe | February 19, 2007

7th Heaven

If my arithmetic is right, I have just transfered to my 7th boarding house in 5 years.   We had to move again since we are expecting additional people to join us this year.

When I first came to Manila to start looking for a job, I only brought one bag for clothes and personal neccesities.  Clothes are good for at least 1 1/2 weeks.  Two pairs of shoes, one for formal job interviews, and another for all terrain, jobhunt friendly shoes. 

When, I had my first job, I only had that one bag with me to transfer to a new location.  Everything I had was in just one bag and I can easy carry it on a bus or a jeepney.


After five years, I need a big van to transfer my things.  There were three of us in the previous boarding house and here was my contribution.  Three bags of clothes, five shoe boxes.  four boxes of books and magazines, and four big plastic bags of personal stuffs.

Hopefully, I’d be staying longer in our new boarding house.  It’s very tiring and stressful to look for a place, negotiate a price and transfer your stuff.  I wonder how many boxes and bags I’d be needing on the next transfer since this year, I have a long list of “Things to Buy”.



  1. where ka na now jin? amo gali namangkot ka sang location ko… lapit lang ya amon sa pac.. ara sa lakas ng bayan nga street.. grabe, kapila na nga saylo ba.. daw ako ginakapoy ba.. hehehe

  2. Korek. hambala pa. dian kami subong pre. lapit mn sa pac. mangkot ko kay ako lg subong isa sa kwarto. basi interesado ka. galing may upod ka mn da gli.

  3. “heaven” din ba ung boarding house nyo ni rey at alvin malapit sa CV2? hmmm, kaya pala sumakit pwet ko nung nakitulog ako dun.

  4. jin duha lang kami man subong sa kuarto.. ok guid actually ang place kay puwede guid kaluto… though wala pa ref… eventually kun makaobra na ko, saka na magbakal. halog pa kami gani kay ang isa daw waay pa guid kahambal kun masaylo or indi eh.. kitaay lang ta buas sa pac ah.. hehehe

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